Handbook of Research on Teaching The English Language Arts

Now in its third edition, the Handbook of Research on Teaching the English Language Arts offers an integrated perspective on the teaching of the English language arts and a comprehensive overview of research in the field. Prominent scholars, researchers, and professional leaders:

  • provide historical and theoretical perspectives about teaching the language arts
  • focus on bodies of research that influence decision-making within the teaching of the language arts
  • explore the environments for language arts teaching
  • reflect on the methods and materials for instruction.

The third edition is restructured, updated, and includes many new contributors. More emphasis is given to the learner, multiple texts, learning, and sharing one’s knowledge. A Companion Website, new for this edition, includes among other features interactive tools, PowerPoint slides, and several videos.

This Handbook is an essential resource for all professional educators, researchers, curriculum designers, students, and prospective and practicing teachers across the field of the English language arts.

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